How to Practice Japa or Mala Meditation
Japa or Mala Meditation is considered to be one of the fastest way to experience the benefits of meditation. Meditation is a process by which you understand your mind, thoughts and emotions. Meditation is a practice to understand your inner Self. One of the best ways to practice meditation is to use a “mala”...
Ready to Cleanse the Air? A Guide to Choosing Your Sage!
Don’t let the whiff of bad energy cling to your home. Cleanse and clear the air with the magic of sage. Its smokey bouquet will banish negativity and keep you feeling safe and protected.
Use These Crystals For Chakra Cleansing
Chakra cleansing is a spiritual wellness process that propels your chakras to flow freely, removing blockages in your system. People have often noted how their mental or emotional health has positively changed with the help of chakra cleansing.